Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A wonderful start to the year!

Hi there Everyone 

and a Warm Welcome to "The Magic Dot" our Artroom news which comes to you monthly via your class teachers.
We are Mrs Kirk and Miss Flowers the Lower Primary Art Teachers and you can read all about us on our intro page.

We love the art room ! 
and guess what we are right beside the gorgeous Secret Garden as well ! 
Have your children to tell you about these strange things.....

and these 
Sometimes we have some secret visitors to help us .....
Guess what Miss Flowers is saying here ?
Ask your children to explain.
Take a peek at some of our introductory activities that took place last week. We decorated our sketchbooks and made pictures with scissors!!
 Learning to use scissors to go round corners, taking care of Mr Glue.
Our scissor pictures....
Painting our sketchbooks....
Making important design decisions
Your children will love to you to encourage their creativity at home, it doesn't have to be messy, one set of watercolour paints and a pad of paper is great.
There we go, here's a nice easy set up.
Each month we will send you a newsletter all about our magical artroom moments, you will see that the content of our art lessons complements and integrates with classroom learning as well building the subject specific technical skills which your children need in order to grow their abilities to express and create in art.

So look out for The Magic Dot everyone.

Your art fully 
Miss Flowers and Mrs Kirk 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Amazing End of our Artroom year

What a fun and busy year it has been in LP art, here is a look at our last couple of weeks in the art room.
R2 Artistes
Crazy Faces: Looking at Asymmetry
R2 Students looked at all facial features, face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. Then we looked at how these can match.....or not! 
Then people designed their own very crazy faces....
Then we began to create in collage, shaping the face and adding the eyes. 
Look at the detail we used!
People practiced counting to 20 to make sure stuff sticks!
Looks at our faces!
These are all probably at home with you right now! 
See you next year in Grade One everyone!

Grade One Creative Beings
Islamic Tiles: Rotational printing

Once again we looked at the tile decorations on the outside of these amazing mosques and we collected some of the motifs and shapes that we had noticed:  
These were some of the main shapes that we found:
 As you can see the next stage was to take the motifs and craft those into a small square shape using the same methodology that we had found on the islamic tiles. A central shape and some 1/2 shapes at the side.
This design was then carved into our small foam board tile

Ready for us to apply the colour using paint
Then after we applied the paint, we placed the tile upside-down strategically on the paper pointing at the magic dot......
Ask your children how they knew how to place their tile.
Look what happens when the tile is printed more than once.....
What a marvellous job the first graders did.........see you all in Grade Two folks!!!

Grade Two
The sculptures completed!

Miss Nguyen's class
continued with their Aboriginal Dot techniques

Mr Dempsey's class continued their 
Studies of Monet and the water lilies
Mr Wood's class have continued
with their Van Gogh 
Miss McLeod's class continued their studies
of Henri Rousseau
Mrs Asper's class continued their 
studies of  Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Miss Norton's class continued their study of 
Sonia Delaunay
Mrs Moulton's class continued their study of 
Gustav Klimt
Miss Sathpathy's class have continued with their study of 
Georgia O Keefe
Miss Niemeyer's class have continued with their 
studies of Pablo Picasso
Then we put them all in the Pop Up exhibition in the garden
Thanks to all the classes who came to the garden to see our Grade Two Pop Up show,  you all looked so carefully and learned how to view and talk about the art ! 
We heard amazing questions and noticings from our visitors. 
Amazing Grade Two Artists! 

Good luck in 3rd Grade everyone !!!!

Happy  Summer Holidays from

Miss Flowers 
Miss Kirk