Making Art at Home

HOT TIPS for parents
1) First of all decide on a place / or space you could use:
eg: kitchen table, the balcony, the garden, a spare room, a big closet and give some time, about 20 minutes at a time is enough.

2) Have clothes which are ok to get messy in.

3) Let your child include a friend sometimes

4) Keep it short, follow your child’s energy and concentration

5) Offer open ended art activities as well as crafts

6) Encourage children to be independant, try not to cut it out for them !!! Jagged edges are fine.

7) Artistic accidents lead to amazing surprises, blobs and scribbles could lead to a whole new journey in the making of a piece of work.

8) Chat to your child about their process. 

Try not to become attached to the product or outcome yourself !!!

The process is where the engagement, learning and enjoyment takes place.

Try not to overlay the activity with your expectations, accept all results. ( lose the eraser, and the need to be neat and right !!)

Encourage open ended outcomes, “ I wonder what will happen if……..? ”

9) Honour the outcome anyway by hanging it up , this shows your child you care about their ideas and artwork.

10)  Gradually teach them to clean up after themselves, washing up in the sink, cleaning the table.

11) Have the ‘artbox’ at hand, they will gradually select their own activities.

12) Set aside a special drawer, date the work on the back so that you can observe the child's imagery as it changes. Of course we cannot save everything, but a child is five years old only once. These drawings will never happen in the same way again. The work you save is a unique record of a human life.

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